Print & Brand Consultant

Am a Graphic Design & Print Consultant.

Specialized in 3D Printing.

Company Branding:T-shirts, Mugs, Mouse pads,note Books.

Digital Analyst Consultant

Digital analyst involve Analysis of the organization/Business/Personal digital footprint.Involves the use  of various analytics tools and software to track organization/Business/Personal data and read trends.

(Website,social media, Content &  SEO Audits.)

Environmental Impact Assesment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a critical examination of the effects of a project on the environment. It identifies both negative and positive impacts of any development activity or project, how it affects people, their property and the environment.

Latest News

Myth vs Reality about Plastic Bag Usage

Myth vs Reality about Plastic Bag Usage   Myth: Life cannot go on without plastic bags. There is no alternative. Reality: Life would be beautiful without plastic bags. There are many alternatives such as bags made of natural materials like jute, cotton and used-newspaper in market today. Myth: Plastic bags are very cheap compared to […]

12. Reasons Why Plastic Bags Must Go!!!

The  plastic bags take hundreds of years to degrade and fill up landfill sites. Plastic litter can also lead to clogged drains, which result in sanitation, flooding and sewage problems. In addition, plastic bags can harm animals through ingestion and the incineration of plastic bags pollutes the air and releases toxic substances.   They are […]

Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day is celebrated every year on the 22nd of April. In 1970, a senator from Wisconsin, USA, Gaylord Nelson first conceived of this day. The senator was worried about the rate of industrialization and the careless attitude of everyone towards our environment. Why it’s Important. Our planet is truly a magnificent place. Known as […]

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