3 ways a Business can Penetrate a community

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Previous businesses only needed advertisement in order for them to  sell their products,  now thing have changed businesses have to do more than advertising.Also to some extent advertising is much more expensive and one is not assured of the results.

Companies need to stand out from the crowd  attract customers and clients. What companies are now embracing is the corporate social responsibility, a way of giving back to the community and at the same time improving the company’s Brand.

Here are some of the tips that a company can embrace to get the good will of a community, at times starting a company without the community good will it can be challenging.


1.Employing the Local

This is the initial step In forging a relationship with a community. You will be employing people who are loyal to the area and people who under the local consumers behavior.

2.Holding/Hosting  Events

Hosting an event provides a spectacular opportunity to introduce the community to your service and products.The community will develop confidence with you company and help on building on the relationship.

3.Charitable donation and sponsorship

Once in a while a company should sponsor community events. Sponsorship doesn’t not have to be in monetary value.As a company you can provide them with some of the resources that you have I. E soundsystem,  tent etc


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